La La (70 BPM) Lease


Been Gone (70 BPM) Lease


Foreign Lease


My High -remake Lease


Water 2022 (Trap/808) 70 BPM Lease


Never Ran (808/Trap/Bells) 70 BPM Lease


Run (Trap/808) 70 BPM Lease


Shawty (808/Trap) 78 BPM Lease


Stay Focused (Hip Hop/Piano) 70 BPM Lease


Paper (808/Trap) 70 BPM Lease


Potential (Sample/Hip Hop/Chill) 90 BPM Lease


Pass Out (Trap/808/Sample) Lease


Knight (Trap/Juicy J/Dark) 70 BPM Lease


Problems (Nav/Trap/808) Lease


Woke (808/Trap) Lease


Air (Pixie Sample/808/Trap) 70 BPM Lease


Spaceship (808/Trap) Lease


Wake Up (Trap/808) Lease


We Made It (Drake/808) 82 BPM Lease


We Up (Trap/Sample) 91 BPM Lease


Spanish B (Guitar/Keys/Trap) 73 BPM Lease


New Deal (Lil pump/Sample) 70 BPM Lease


Dilla Sample (Sample/Trap/Chill) 94.3 BPM Lease



La La (70 BPM) Purchase


Been Gone (70 BPM) Purchase


Foreign Purchase


My High -remake Purchase


Water 2022 (Trap/808) 70 BPM Purchase


Never Ran (808/Trap/Bells) 70 BPM Purchase


Run (Trap/808) 70 BPM Purchase


Shawty (808/Trap) 78 BPM Purchase


Stay Focused (Hip Hop/Piano) 70 BPM Purchase


Paper (808/Trap) 70 BPM Purchase


Potential (Sample/Hip Hop/Chill) 90 BPM Purchase


Pass Out (Trap/808/Sample) Purchase


Knight (Trap/Juicy J/Dark) 70 BPM Purchase


Problems (Nav/Trap/808) Purchase


Woke (808/Trap) Purchase


AIr (Pixie Sample/808/Trap) 70 BPM Purchase


Spaceship (808/Trap) Purchase


Wake Up (Trap/808) Purchase


We Made It (Drake/808) 82 BPM Purchase


We Up (Trap/Sample) 91 BPM Purchase


Spanish B (Guitar/Keys/Trap) 73 BPM Purchase


New Deal (Lil pump/Sample) 70 BPM Purchase


Dilla Sample (Sample/Trap/Chill) 94.3 BPM Purchase


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