Forex Trading Courses

Providing in-depth Forex trading courses to help individuals develop their trading skills and strategies.

MQL4/MQL5 Programming Courses

Offering comprehensive MQL4/MQL5 programming courses for individuals interested in automated trading systems.

Python Programming Courses

Offering comprehensive Python programming courses for beginners and advanced learners.

Music Education Courses

Providing educational resources and lessons to enhance your understanding and skills in music.

Advanced multi-level alert system

Hourly Discord signals from our trading AI which sends out trade setups and market sentiment.

Forex Indicators/Bots

Access to over 50+ trading tools in our arsenal for both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

Live Weekly Trainings and Replays

Forex and Coding trainings going over trade setups and advanced concepts.

Advanced Forex News Analysis

News Fundamentals training with daily analysis of recent/upcoming events.

Access to the Elite section

Our Discord community is free to join but you'll receive access to exclusive trade setups, chat, and all of our premium Discord channels.


Discord Sneak Peak (Forex)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, customers are allowed to cancel their monthly subscription at any time. However, we do not offer refunds for any previous payments made. Once a payment has been processed, it cannot be refunded.

You can expect at least one new course every 4-6 weeks.

JBlanked wants to emphasize that his involvement with The Hyena Hut and the Hyena Elites remains unchanged. He is still an active member and mentor there. There are absolutely no ill intentions or issues with the Hyena community. In The Hyena Hut he now only offers weekly news analysis digesting the news events, MT4/MT5 bots/indicators, and alerts from our discord AI. The new JBlanked community simply offers a specialized focus on news analysis and trade setups. We offer comprehensive courses on news analysis, as well as coding courses in MQL5, MQL4, Python, and even Django in the future. On the music side, we delve into the music business, songwriting, music production, and provide valuable social media tips. Exciting music courses are also on the horizon!

Although JBlanked is a mentor in the Hyena Elite community, your Hyena Elite subscription does not transfer over, as the two communities are separate from each other.

Discord is free to join because JBlanked, the platform's founder, aims to foster an active community comprising music artists, software developers, and forex traders. He firmly believes that by offering free access to the platform, his extensive knowledge and influence in these fields can attract a diverse and engaged user base. Through this approach, JBlanked hopes to create a thriving ecosystem where individuals can connect, collaborate, and share their expertise with one another.

JBlanked gives out trade setups on news event releases only (about 5-10 per month). Besides those, our AI sends out market sentiment hourly to our discord.

JBlanked has been trading forex for since 2020 and has been teaching news analysis since March 2022.


I first started working with Jacobie on various music marketing projects in 2019, before he joined my online Forex trading education platform (Hyena Hut LLC) as a student. In a few short months, I hired him directly to teach and train students on trading fundamentals in 2020. He has assisted me with community management and education, as well as back-end technical support with Telegram and Discord.

Jeffery Weatherford

Community Leader

You are making our community better and better everyday. Everything is so appreciated! I'm happy to be here with you .. you are always a great man to work with

Natasha Hines

Community Member

You ARE THE GOAT! Best Mentor I've ever had!! Feels good to make Live money! Thank you for helping me uplevel and earn real money! It is Life changing! The entries i get these days are every traders dreams! Honestly nothing but the best here NO hype , Just solid education that actually leads you to making money!!!!!!

Lucy Creaney

Community Member

Thank you 💯 joining here was the best decision I could of made.

Aliceny Howard

Community Member

Thank you for the continuous mentoring you do! You cover all bases for trading!! You are the 🐐

Jenni McQueen

Community Member