JBlanked is an American Hip Hop producer-songwriter born in Lynchburg, Virginia and raised in Greensboro/High Point, North Carolina. Artists/producers such as Mac Miller, J. Cole, and J Dilla are pure inspiration to him. His unique timbre creates a compelling atmosphere in all of his music. Upon his graduation from Full Sail University, JBlanked started engineering in local studios and songwriting, which influenced him to create his first hit, "Run No Game", gaining him a distribution deal with U-NXT / Universal Music Group. From there, he branched into coding and financial literacy.



I started out as a musician, learning guitar, piano, and various string/brass instruments in school, church, and camp. I went to a magnet school for high school that specialized in the arts. I was able to study piano as a major. From there, I went to college at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro to study piano performance.

During my time at UNCG, I got more into music creation, but this time on the technical side of things. Daily, I would chill with my homies (at the time) creating simple beats for us all to freestyle to. A few of my friends kept saying "you blanked on the beat." I was so confused at the time since I didn't know the slang. That's when I really became J Blanked, well, it was "J Blanked On This Beat."


Three semesters in, I realized piano performance was not for me. I dropped out and immediately applied to Full Sail University to get my Bachelor's in music production. At Full Sail, I learned the ins and outs of the music business, including recording, composing, marketing, licensing, and branding. That was also around the time when I was posting daily on Instagram and YouTube. That's really what helped me take off the most: being consistent and constantly creating.


After graduation, I started working with a lot more local artists and reached out to local studios for engineering jobs. That's when I recorded my hit single and improved my ear for audio engineering. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with Dreamville, EPMD, MCG Empire, Universal Music Group, and many more.


Fast forward to today, I have worked with 10,000+ artists worldwide and will continue to push myself as an artist and record producer.



Jacobie Barksdale

A highly motivated software developer with experience in developing algorithmic trading systems and a passion for music production and audio engineering. Proficient in Python and MQL with a strong understanding of problem-solving and a background in Forex trading, education, and music.

  • Greensboro, North Carolina
  • jacobiebarksdale@gmail.com


Bachelor of Science in Music Production

2017 - 2019

Full Sail University

Bachelor of Arts in Piano Performance

2015 - 2017

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro


PCEP – Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer


Python Institute

Work Experience

Backend Software Engineer and Forex Educator/Community Leader

Hyena Hut LLC (Remote)
  • Developed and maintained various algorithms for algorithmic trading systems in MQL4/MQL5, including expert advisors that were sold to others inside and outside of the community
  • Delivered comprehensive Forex trading education to individuals and groups within the community
  • Provided market analysis and insights to traders to help them make informed trading decisions
  • Implemented data analysis and visualization tools to improve trading performance
  • Designed and implemented new features and functionalities in Python to optimize the trading system
  • Provided training on algorithmic trading and MQL4/MQL5

Music Producer (JBlanked)

  • Produced and recorded music for various projects, including albums and commercial advertisements
  • Collaborated with artists, musicians, and audio engineers to bring music productions to life
  • Utilized advanced music production software and hardware to mix, master, and enhance audio quality
  • Created and sold thousands of beats
  • Released original music compositions generating over 2 million streams in 2 years
  • Created viral, music-related content amassing over 27 million views

Piano & Guitar Instructor

  • Taught fundamentals and technical aspects of guitar and piano
  • Assisted with summer youth and music activities, i.e., sports, character building, choir
  • Managed groups of 7-17 children ages 6-13


JBlanked's creative journey has transcended geographical boundaries, connecting with artists from diverse corners of the globe. With a passion for collaboration, JBlanked has worked closely with individuals from countries such as Sweden, Nigeria, India, Australia, and numerous others.

Thousand+ Happy Clients in music, teaching, and coding

Coding Projects in MQL4, MQL5, and Python


million+ music streams and downloads

Years of music education


With a Bachelor's degree in Music Production, more than a decade of teaching, and an extensive experience in the field of financial technology, the following are his professional skills:

Logic Pro 100%
Pro Tools 96%
MQL5 97%
Music Education 80%
Forex Trading 85%
MQL4 95%
Python 90%
Audio Engineering 93%
Problem Solving82%


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Custom Coding Projects

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